Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cameron's 3rd birthday

Joooonooo turns 3!!! He was soooo happy that we went to his favorite, Chuck-E-Cheeses for the celebration!!!

Mistletoe Sales, Troop 93

Troop 93 raise money each year through the "Mistletoe Sales." Mistletoe, which are really parasites growing on Oak trees were harvested by the troop parents near Victorville. The troop then packaged more than 3,000 Mistletoe bags, which were "sold" at various locations. "Kisses" were guarateed, as we gave out Hershey's Kisses with the donations!!!

The boys are proud to have earned funds for summer camp 2009. They were especially proud as 10% of our proceeds went to help the recent fire victims on Orange county...

Christmas 2008

Office party for the Periotouch Team... Would you really trust these people to take care of your oral health???

The Boys, Winter 2008