Monday, July 17, 2006

2006 Season with West Fullerton Yankees is over...

Justin pitching with all his might...

Coach Jeff and the TEAM!

Justin and Stanley participated in little league for the first time this season. They were both in the single "A" league, and played for YANKEES. Justin pitched, and played infield, and Stanley was an outfielder and star hitter.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cameron has successful surgery...

Cameron did very well on his first surgery for his lip and nose.

Justin, Stanley, Grandma and daddy in Orlando, Florida. Happiest place on earth (after Fry's electronics...) Fall 2005.

(This was before little Cameron was even born!)

Justin confronts Arnold (well, almost)

Justin Kim goes to Sacramento.

(Picture: In front of Arnold's office.) When leaving, Justin was heard saying, "I VILL be VACK..."

He later went on record to say that he will send his brother back here next year. Each spring Fisler school in Fullerton sends the 4th graders for an overnight trip to Sacramento. Parents can't wait to chaperone this event each year...

Hey, this is MOM

I'm Cameron!!
I'm the youngest!!
I'm the cutest!!!

Stan the man at his birthday party 2005. (September 22)

What a smile...
This is the very first time Kim and Choi family is starting a blog. We are a fun filled family of mom, dad and three, YES 3, boys. Justin and Stanley were recently joined by Cameron in December of 2005.

Mom, Connie, and dad, Jin, are very busy with all three of us. Dad practices as a periodontist and lectures all around the world. He recently went to India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Spain. Mom is also a dentist, but she is at home right now because of our littlest brother.